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Save Water >> Says God (Poster Campaign)


Today the country is facing a severe drought. Lakes have run dry, rivers have disappeared and farmers are committing suicides. Looking at the grim situation, India’s leading water conservation NGO (non government organisation), Drop Dead Foundation, is proud to announce, what could be a massive, record breaking campaign to stop the wastage of water.


Save Water >> Says God – to begin with, the campaign is based on four major religions that talk loud and clear against the wastage of water. “Every faith emphatically talks about the importance of Blue Gold. And when Prophets or Bhagwans preach it, it hits the nail instantly. So we decided to make aware the followers of all the religions. By keeping that concept in mind we have built our global campaign around it. The target is to reach out to one billion religious institutions”, said Aabid Surti, the founder of one man NGO, Drop Dead Foundation.


Modus Operandi - we will make different posters for different religions, print them and with due permission, our team of dedicated workers, will stick them at all places of

worship and other religious institutions. “These eye catching posters will naturally attract followers. There are thousands of devotees, visiting places of worship every day, giving us our maximum  target- viewers at one place”, said Aabid.


The campaign will kick off from Mira Road in Mumbai (India) where the NGO is based and first cover Mumbai city, move on to Maharashtra, then the entire country, and then beyond borders. We hope to cover the globe in one year, 2016 June to 2017 July. If anyone wants to check the current status, our GPS maps will be available on our website to track the latest updates.


Two posters have been developed so far and more are in process. But the campaign will start off with Islamic Postar in Ramadan, followed by Hindu poster during Ganesha Festival. The Islamic poster has a saying from Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) Do not waste water even if you are at a flowing stream. The other poster has a cute Ganesha that reminds the devotees – If there’s no water; there is no Visarjan (no water bed for me.)


The Man Who Saw Tomorrow


Says Varsha Phatak, a well-wisher of Aabid Surti: “I was just thinking today that you had long back seen the impending water crisis that we are facing today. Everybody has woken up now. Wish we had listened to you much earlier”. (20th  April 2016)

Overflowing water tanks and dripping taps are a couple of main reasons of water wastage in India. In 2007, Aabid launched Drop Dead Foundation (DDF), one man NGO to stop this wastage. Since then, DDF team (consisting of a plumber, a volunteer, and Aabid) makes the rounds every Sunday fixing leaky faucets in Mira Road (Mumbai) where he lives. Even today, DDF continues to provide free plumbing services and has helped in saving millions of litres of water.

“I shuddered when I saw the forthcoming calamity, a severe water crisis and the living beings dropping dead. That’s where the NGO’s name Drop Dead comes from. Unfortunately, that day is at our door steps, staring into our eyes. Birds and animals are literally dropping dead. But we still have hope. Don’t wait for help. Just do it. If I can, you can”, Says Aabid.

Who is Aabid Surti?

Professionally a painter who had one-man shows of his canvasses in India and abroad. An author of 80 books, most of them translated practically into all major Indian languages. Receiver of National Award for his short story collection “Teesri Aankh”. Four novels, translated into English are available on Amazon (Kindle). A cartoonist known for the longest running weekly cartoon strip in Hindi, “Dhabbuji” and the creator of the

legendary super hero of Indian comics – “Bahadur.”

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