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Bajaj V presents Invincible Indians, stories of ordinary Indians who by their resolve and determination, performed extraordinary acts for our society. Next story of this initiative is of National Award winning author, cartoonist, painter and activist, 80-years-old Aabid Surti is responsible for saving around 10 million liters of water from going down the drain, single handedly till date. Growing up on the streets of Mumbai, Mr. Surti saw his mother line up for water in the early hours of the morning every day. The constant struggle for this life sustaining resource stayed and haunted him for years.

He recalls how a simple static in a newspaper changed the course of his journey “If one drop drips in a second, in a month a thousand liters of water goes down the drain. I imagined a thousand bottles of drinking water poured into the sewage. This magnitude of waste was the fitting answer to those friends who thought I had phobia for drops. This thought was the birth of my One Man NGO or Drop Dead Foundation “wa12

This singular thought of his snowballed into an active drive towards saving as much water as possible. Every Sunday morning, Mr. Surti accompanied by a plumber targets a locality in Mumbai and goes knocking from door-to-door enquiring if there’s a leaking tap in the house that needs fixing – for free. Earlier that week, with help from volunteers, residents are bombarded with the boldly messaged poster ‘ Save Each Drop Or Drop Dead’ - also the quote Mr. Surti proudly wears on his t-shirts all the time. In his first year alone, in 2007, an estimate of 4.14 lakh liters was saved in 1,666 houses and 414 leaking taps.


Besides the agenda of fixing leaky taps, the artists also moves with the objective of helping people realize how a small leak they usually ignore is leading to substantial wastage. His next big idea Save Water, Says God is to help mobilize communities by capturing their attention through religion. “Every faith emphatically talks about the importance of Blue Gold. And when Prophets or Bhagwans preach it, it hits the nail instantly. So we decided to make aware the followers of all the religions” said Mr. Surti.

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