A touching comment from beyond the borders on German Video* by Mr Les Davies, software Engineer from United Kingdom : “You don’t need to understand the language…He is a man who has my entire respect.. I am not alone in that.. Not by several thousand. He has changed India.. He is now changing attitudes internationally….His word is the environment; Conservation, responsibility.. You do not have time for wars… You are too busy building your children’s future.. Every British politician..Should dream of having the popularity and truth of Mr. AabidSurti.sir.”.

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Look who dropped into Dosti House last week: award-winning writer, painter, and cartoonist Aabid Surti! Mr. Surti founded and runs the Drop Dead Foundation – which is saving tons of water by repairing leaks and other plumbing problems, for free, in Mumbai households. We thank Mr. Surti for coming by Dosti House to share his experiences and knowledge with us, and we hope more of you will stop by to visit and engage with us on U.S.-India issues of mutual importance, such as the environment, human rights, and education. #USIndiaDosti