83 year young writer and artist Aabid Surti is the founder of Drop Dead Foundation, an NGO (Non Government Organization) that repairs minor plumbing problems such as leaks in the households of Mumbai, India for free.Born 5 May 1935 in Gujarat, Aabid Surti founded Drop Dead Foundation, a water conservation initiative in Mumbai in 2007. Every Sunday, along with a plumber and an assistant, he visits houses in and around Mira Road and fixes dripping taps. He simply replaces old O-ring rubber gaskets with new ones. The idea struck him in 2007 when he noticed the dripping tap in his friend’s house. A tap that drips water once every second wastes about 1,000 litre of water every month so imagine how much we all waste, he points out.Surti and his assistants raise awareness through posters and pamphlets. He pays for all expenses from his pocketKnow more about Aabid Surti
80-year-old Aabid Surti has helped save 10 million litres of water