One Man NGO

Aabid Surti, C-16 / 003, Anuroop, Shantinagar Sector: 11, Mira Road ( E )
Mumbai: 401 107. (India)
Cell: +91-9820184964
E-mail: aabidssurti@gmail.com
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Twitts and Bits


DDF is fortunate enough to get encouraging Tweets and Posts from men of letters and substance from across the globe.

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Rotary Club Bombay Taru Lalvani Award for Environment, May 2013.

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Can Water Talk


Friends, ladies and gentlemen,
I believe, thoughts are like seeds. We are not sure which thought will germinate into an earth shaking concept or an insignificant idea. Fortunately for me, my drop of a thought turned into a vast ocean- Qatra samandar ban gaya- just like a small seed that turns into a massive banyan tree.
And what was that tiny-winy thought?
Every drop of water is precious. And I am here to share my experiences in saving around 20 million liters of water, single handedly, from going down the drain.
To begin with, let us try to understand water. To understand water is to understand aatman. To understand water is to understand parmaatma, the God. If an atheist dives into the mysteries of water, he is sure to become a believer.

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Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi

T 2059 – “Honoured to have Abid Surti on #AKRHZ On Star Plus saved water helped us realise importance of every drop”
Amitabh Bachchan



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